Honey roasted duck, It's ducklicious.

When it comes to serving a meal of wild game duck is arguably one of the best treats for your taste buds.  Packed full of moist meaty goodness with an extra layer of fat it cooks up quite nice and easily and we're here to share one of our favorite recipes just in time for duck season.  

From Field to Table

One of the greatest things about hunting is learning to be self sufficient.  There's nothing more satisfying than being able to go find your own meal, harvest it, collect it, clean it, cook it, and serve it up as a nice meal on the dinner table.   It's rewarding to say the least.  

If you've never tasted duck, then you're missing out.  Ducks are similar to poultry, but have an extra layer of fat which helps them maintain body temperature during their winter trek to the south.  This layer of fat produces a juicy, tender delectable meat that soaks up the flavor and holds moisture.  Paired with our honey and citrus blend(don't knock it till you try it) and you have a meal the entire family will love.

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How to Prep Honey Roast Duck

Of course you'll want to pluck and clean your bird as usual and afterwards you'll need to score the meat.   Scoring is just cutting crossing lines diagonally across the breast of the fowl to create breaks in the fat layers to get the flavor packed in nicely.

Next up, turn your oven to 350F Degrees or we prefer smoking the bird outside on the grill.

There's no need to rub or marinate as the juices will combine with your dry seasonings and the honey to provide plenty of flavor.

Gather the Seasonings

All you'll need is listed below.  We aren't fancy chefs so most of these ingredients you'll have on hand and we don't really measure them out.

  • 1 Duck
  • 1 Orange
  • 1 Onion
  • Salt, as much as you like
  •  Black Pepper More if you want it hot, less if not
  • Little Bit of Paprika
  • Garlic to your own taste
  • Honey



Step 1

Score the duck but cutting slits diagonally across the breast of the bird. Place in a baking pan with sides, breast up.

Slice the orange into four slices. Take two slices and squeeze the juice over the surface of the bird.  take the squeezed peels and the other two slices and stuff the bird.


Step 2

Slice the onion into quarters and insert into the cavity of the bird.

Sprinkle salt, pepper, paprika, and minced garlic over the top of the bird.

Take your Honey and drizzle it over the top of the bird quite well. 


Step 3

You're oven should be on 350 degrees or if you're doing this like a champ, you should have them coals rearing hot around 350 in the pit.  

Place your pan into the pit/oven and cook for 45min breast up using the drippings to marinate as it cooks every 15min.

Flip the bird and cook for another 45min breast down once again marinating every 15min.

Flip the bird back breast up for the remaining 30min and let cook or until internal temp reaches 165degrees.


Step 4

Carve your bird as you would a turkey. Serve with a big ol' glass of sweet tea, some mashed potatoes or roast some potatoes next to the bird.

The citrus flavor will be just a hint into the meat pairing with the sweet hint of honey.